The museum offers an exciting itinerary to discover the Art and the History of Venice. Born of the collection donated to the city of Venice in 1830 by Teodoro Correr, the Museum has grown through later gifts, acquisitions and donations, which constitute the rich and varied heritage of the Venetian Civic Museums.
The museum's itinerary begins with the
Napoleonic Wing, in the splendid Neo-classical Rooms which became, after the fall of the Republic (1797), the Venetian Royal Palace of the French, the Asburgo, and the Kings of Italy (1866). The exposition continues in the halls of the Procuratie Nuove, designed by V.Scamozzi at the end of the XVIth century where the major Venetian magistratures were located. In the ample and austere halls are illustrated various aspects of Venetian civilisation and the collections of ancient art are displayed.
Museum of The Correr Museum is associated with: The the XVIIIth Century at Caà Rezzonico, the Gallery of Modern Art at Caà Pesaro,the Glass Museum on Murano, the Museum of Natural History, the Fortuny Museum, the Research Centre on the History of Textiles and Costume at Palazzo Mocenigo, Casa Goldoni, the Lace Museum on Burano, the Historic Archives of the City of Venice.

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