The only way to get around In Venice is to walk or take a boat. Many Venetians have their own boats but the visitor to Venice will have to rely on Taxis and the public boats, which is run by the ACTV and are used to move around the canals of Venice and the lagoon. The different types of public boats are: vaporetto, motoscafo and motonave. These boats are used by the Venetians and visitors to Venice to reach all the main parts of the city, the main islands of the lagoon (Lido of Venice, Murano, Burano, Torcello, the Giudecca) and the mainland.
For further information about services you can telephone the
ACTV Main Office.
The famous gondola is unquestionably the finest way to move about the canals of Venice on romantic moonlite nights. You can easily find a gondola at one of the many landing-places (for further information you can call the
telephone numbers of the different landing-places). However it is a good idea to establish the fares before starting the tour. If you want to feel the emotion of having a gondola trip for 0.50 € you can go to one of the seven "traghetti" (ferries) working in Venice: you will be carried you from one side of The Grand Canal to the other: the "traghetti" are often used by the Venetians.
Finally you can take a taxi. You have to be very careful, above all in Tronchetto (the island with the biggest car park), unlicensed taxi drivers or car parker attendents who quote "personal" fares are not to be trusted (and sometimes they can be dangerous too!).