On highways A4 from west or east, A13 until you reach Padova and then A4 from the South, or A27 from the North. When you arrive at Piazzale Roma you can leave your car in one of the car parks, or go to the big car park of Tronchetto island. From Tronchetto you can reach Venice by Vaporetto
Glossary n° 3 (only in the morning) and n° 4 (only in the afternoon). Otherwise you can take a ferry boat (line n° 17) from Tronchetto to the Lido. An alternative is to leave your car in Mestre. There are both open and covered parking directly in front of the train station and they cost a fraction of what it costs to leave your car in Venice. You can then reach Venice by train (departure every 5-10 minutes) or by numerous buses.

S.Lucia (Santa Lucia) is the name of Venice's Train Station. If you get off in Mestre, Venice then you haven't reached Venice yet. You must first cross the Liberty Bridge and Venice is the end of the line. S.Lucia Train Station is located in the sestiere
Glossary of Cannaregio. The public transortation, called Vaporetto, has stops for lines n° 1 and n° 52 (to your right as you leave the station) and n° 82 (to your left as you leave the station) on the Grand Canal.

The Marco Polo airport, located about 13 km from Venice, is connected to the city by bus n° 5 (departures at intervals of every half hour), by airport shuttle (faster but more expensive, leaving every hour), and by taxi.

The Cruise Ship terminal is located at the Port of Venice - Maritime Station in S.Marta. Cruise Ships offer free shuttle boat service from their dock to Piazza San Marco.