One of the peculiarities of Venice is its public transportation. Boats, called VaporettoGlossary, travel up and down the Grand Canal (boat lines 1 and 82) or in a circular line which also goes to the islands of Murano, Burano and Torcello (line 52).
You need to buy a ticket before getting on board. You can buy tickets from the ticket seller at the boat stop or at any tobacco shop. If you notice a lot of people getting on the boats without tickets, they are probably Venetians and have a monthly pass. Visitors to the city must buy a ticket for each ride or a round trip ticket. Daily and Weekly "Tourist Passes" are also available. The public boats function on a "trust" basis. That is, they trust you to buy a ticket for each ride. However, there are occasional "spot checks" by Controllers. If you do not have a ticket you will be required to pay a large fine plus the cost of the ticket. Ticket price for non residents may vary depending on the lenght of the ride.
Ferry boats fares depend on the make and size of your car.
Information about fares and timetables are available at the ACTV main offices. You may reach them by calling one of these
telephone numbers.