Remèr a l'Arsenal

Saverio Pastor was born in Venice in 1958. From 1975 to 1980 he worked with the maestro Giuseppe Carli who taught him the principles of the ancient arte dei remèri Glossary: the construction of oars and the sculpted rowlocks used in Venetian rowing - forcole. In 1980 he opened his own workshop and - in close collaboration with the champions of the regata storica (the principal Venetian regatta) - he uses traditional construction techniques to adapt the oars and forcole to modern rowing styles: strong and boldly-shaped forcole for improved efficiency, and light but rigid laminate oars. In 1984 he transferred to a workshop near to the Arsenale: with four partners who specialize in quality carpentry (made-to-measure furniture, roof-terraces, exhibition spaces, and exclusive window and door frames) he founded Spazio Legno. He is the most qualified remèr, and since 1991 has aimed to make this ancient art known to the world by participating in exhibitions and cultural initiatives in Italy and - above all - abroad; in 1993 he became one of the directors of Arzanà an association founded for the study and conservation of historical Venetian boats. He has made a number of oars for fixed-seat rowing for the boat race of the Marine Republics. He constructs masts and spars for la vela al terzo (small, traditional sailing boats). He is the official supplier to the Comune di Venezia. His forcole - each signed and numbered - are also valued as objets d’arte for their unique, fluid forms, and have been featured in a number of books and publications.

Saverio Pastor

Remèr a l’Arsenal

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