Spazio Legno was founded in 1980 to continue the tradition of the craft of the marangòni (the carpenters of the Serenissima Republic) and the remèri Glossary. The Spazio Legno craftsmen are now recognized as being among the finest in Venice, as demonstrated by the numerous articles published about their work in architectural, interior design and craft magazines.

The marangòni of Spazio Legno specialize in quality carpentry. Involved in each phase from the initial design to final assembly, they construct furniture and made-to-measure interiors in solid or veneered wood (see Caffé Florian), specially designed and exclusive doors and windows, roof terraces, stands for trade fairs and exhibitions (eg. ‘Il Caffé e la Città’ for the Caffé Florian) and cultural events (eg. the Premio Campiello and itineraries for the W.W.F.).

The remèri - in their traditional workshop - produce oars and forcole for Venetian rowing, masts and spars for the vela al terzo (small, traditional sailing boats), and oars for fixed-seated rowing. This sector of Spazio Legno is supplier to the Comune di Venezia.

Spazio Legno S.n.c.

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